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A little bit of Irish (Gaeilge)

Craic / The Craic

Probably the mosty important word to learn before coming to Ireland is 'Craic' Pronounced 'crack'. It has nothing to do with narcotics! It simply means 'fun' :-)

You can say it many ways. Where is the craic? What was the craic like? Is there any craic? He/she/it's great craic! Master the use of this and you will be 'well in' with the locals wherever you travel in Ireland.


Sláinte (slawn_te) means 'Health to you' and is used a lot in pubs/bars. Sláinte mhaith (slawnte wah) means 'Good health'. A reply is Agus tu fhein (awgus tu hayn) which means ' 'And to you'.